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The premier charge capture solution for iOS and Android.

Why us

For you, by you

Dr. Rounds® is a cloud based mobile App for Charge Capture on iOS and Android. It was designed by physicians allowing them to maintain their patient list, capture their charges, and get paid accurately and expeditiously. It is as simple as that.


Your compliance needs

Built from the ground up to exceed HIPAA and HITECH requirements, our software is engineered by experts in the field of security and privacy.

Reporting on Demand

Just think it

You can run any report on your data. The sky is the limit to the statistical queries you can make. Plus, your data is yours, never ours. Take advantage of this feature, which other groups already are.

Designed by Doctors

We were fedup with being told what we should use, so we designed it from the ground up to make our lives easier.

Everything has been thought out to make your day to day tasks simple

  • Cloud Sync to HIPAA compliant cloud
  • Full CPT® and ICD 10 support
  • Support for Signoff for Allied Health Practitioners
  • Industry first and only Nephrology Dialysis capture
  • Sync between all physicians; instant access to entire census
  • Free staff accounts, no nickle and diming
  • SignOff requests by Allied Health
  • No backup worries, the cloud takes care of it all

Devices & Models we work with

Dr. Rounds is a native app. We work on both iOS and Android.

Apple iPhone
We support all modern iPhones
Android Phones
We support all modern Android phones
Desktop and Laptops
Do your billing from any PC or Mac

Nephrology Support

Industry Leading

We consulted some of the best Nephrologists to build, from the ground up, our Nephrology module. Integrated into Dr. Rounds, it streamlines and makes capturing your HD visits a breeze.

Signoff Support

Allied Health Practitioners can have the option of requesting SignOff of their Patient Encounters from a supervising Physician with SignOff privileges.

The supervising Physician will receive Patient Encounters to SignOff on within a dedicated mailbox within the Dr. Rounds App. Encounters may be edited prior to signing off.

Billing / Staff Support

Web Based

Our billing portal is available from anywhere. Staff can add patients, perform billing, run reports, download face sheets, view notes, the list is endless.


Dr. Rounds® and ICD-10

When ready to tackle ICD-10, know that Dr. Rounds will be there for you. We have extensive support for Dr. Rounds and we will be adding on more capabilities to make finding the proper codes very simple.