Device Security

To protect patient data, you must have a device passcode set for your mobile device.

For iOS follow these guidelines to enable data protection.

Can I use multiple devices at once?

Using multiple devices is not and will not be supported.

How do I build my hospital list?

This is a first time setup only. At the home screen, tap on the Settings button, Bottom Right for iOS (looks like a gear) and Top Left for Android. Select Preferred Hospitals. If you allowed for auto-location detection, the App will list the top 25 hospitals near you in order of nearest distance. Check mark the hospitals you want. You may also add hospitals not in our database by contacting us. Your preferred hospitals will be stored on our servers.

Next, access the WebApp Portal. Under Group, select Shared Hospitals and Add the Unshared Locations to have them available to other group members.

How do I build my modifier list?

This is a first time setup only. At the home screen, tap on the Settings button, Bottom Right for iOS (looks like a gear) and Top Left for Android. Select Preferred Modifiers and check mark the group items that apply to your practice. Your preferred modifiers will be stored on our servers.

How can I invite users to my group?

As the Admin of your group (see below on how to become the Admin), after creating your account, verifying it via email confirmation, then setting up your group (name and city), login via your credentials onto the Dr. Rounds Cloud® WebApp and select Group > User Management. From there, click Add User. Enter the email address and define the role. If Physician or Allied Health is selected, that recipient receives an invite that contains a link to download the App. After they register an account, the ‘Group’ step will be omitted as they are automatically joined. If Staff, Biller, or Medical Assistant is selected, they are assumed to be PC/MAC users and will need to setup their accounts at a computer. They will automatically be admitted to the group.

How do I become an Admin?

There are two ways to become an Admin. Be the first to register your account and then create your group. You’re Admin by default. The second way is to have an Admin login to the WebApp and select Group > Group Permissions. Any of the users of the group can be designated as Admin by an Admin.

I forgot my PIN?

The PIN is the alphanumeric password that unlocks the App every time you open it. If you forget it, you’ll need to Log Off (Settings then top right button on iOS and Settings then at the bottom on Android). After successfully logging back in (using the account email and account password), you’ll have the opportunity to recreate your PIN selection.

I forgot my account password?

At the Account Login screen within the WebApp Portal, tap the Forgot Password button at the bottom, then enter the email address you used initially to register with us. A temporary password will be sent there. You can change the temporary password to another password via the WebApp under the My Account selection.

How do I create an account?

Simply open the App to the Dr. Rounds® title screen, tap Create Account, then fill in the required fields. You will need to verify your account via an email confirmation sent to you. Click the link within the email and it will take you to an Approval screen. Login there with your new account credentials and continue your account setup indicating Time Zone, NPI, Group phone number, etc… Back at the App, press Refresh to activate the login. Now you need to either create a Group or join an existing Group.

How do I create a Group?

Everybody on Dr. Rounds® will either need to Create a Group or Join a Group. If you create a group, you are the Admin by default. Even Solo practitioners will need to Create a Group as they will invariably have support staff and billing staff access their account. The Admin will need to Name the Group and designate a Location. Other members of the group will need to join this group by invitation only. The invite is done by the Admin via the WebApp Portal under Group> User Management. When the Admin invites members that will be App Users (physician colleagues or Allied Health), the Admin will need to designate the user role as a Mobile License. If the Admin is inviting PC-based users (medical assistants, secretaries, billers), the Admin will designate the role accordingly.

I am not receiving Notifications

Make sure Dr. Rounds® is within the Notification Center under Notification within the Settings App. Select Alert instead of None or Banner. Make sure you are connected to the internet. Common practice is to kill the App and/or shut the device off. Notifications are sent to the physician(s) the patient record is assigned to only. After a patient is added into the system via the WebApp Portal, placing a patient in a hospital by adding a hospitalization gives the user the opportunity to assign the patient to a physician or physicians. This will generate a notification to the designated physician(s).

Facesheets are not Uploading

Facesheets only upload when connected to a strong wifi unless you allow the cellular permission under Media Sync within the App Settings. Access Pending Uploads within the App Settings and see what's pending. Tap on each to retry only when connected to a reliable unfirewalled wifi (or cellular if granted). Facesheets do not upload when using the Temp Disable Sync feature.

Unable to Sync Properly as designated by a RED Refresh Icon or a PopUp Error?

This error displays when your phone has too weak of an Internet connectivity to exchange data with our servers. The remedy is to find a stronger signal and retry. Hospital WiFi is not very reliable. Use cell networking preferably outdoors or on high floors in the hospital. If your Sync button is red, tap on it when you acquire a better signal. If you still get the error despite a convincing connection, kill the Dr. Rounds App (and all other Apps running in the background) and launch Dr. Rounds fresh (PIN in). This is NOT a LogOff and Login. Never LogOff when your Sync button is red. You'll lose all data since your last successful sync. Often, a phone power down also works in addition to the above. It is healthy practice to shut your phone off for a few seconds daily.