Founded by Doctors

Dr. Rounds® was created out of necessity

We saw our reimbursements shrinking, we got tired of losing our postcards with procedures written on them, and we got tired of our partners taking forever to reconcile their charges so we could get paid.

Camil Sader

Cofounder, Advisor

Camil is a general and laparoscopic surgeon practicing in South Florida. Aggravated by the fact that he had to copy long lists of patients daily from the day prior's list, and his insight on the iPhone's capabilities, Camil set on a mission with our Software Architects to produce Dr. Rounds.

A project still in constant evolution, the application demonstrates the essential tasks that are needed by a healthcare provider to keep track of what is important on rounds while keeping tabs on billing to avoid loss of revenue in this day and age.

We will, in our utmost capacity, take your suggestions seriously and try to implement them in future versions of Dr. Rounds.

Camil has been acting as an advisor to Dr. Rounds since 2013.

Harold Smith III

Cofounder, Advisor, Architect

Harold is an advisor and partner for Dr. Rounds. He is a tenured Software Architect specializing in secure mobile development.

In 2011, Harold sold his first mobile healthcare company, RxmindMe, to Walgreens as one of the first mHealth acquisitions ever. In 2012, his mobile security product for enterprise collaboration was acquired by Fixmo, a mobile risk management company.

Harold has been acting as an advisor to Dr. Rounds since 2013.