Mobile App Video Help

Our videos are the best way we have found to learn the App's features. Please scroll down to find a topic you may want to learn more about.

Smart Census™

Want to learn about Smart Census and managing your census?

Smart Census allows you to taylor your census to what you need to see. You can snooze patients (removes the from the census until midnight), you can hide patients (removes the hospitalization from your census until you unhide it), assign to other doctors and practitioners.

Also included is the ability to only show patients for certain hospitals, new filters for patients, and a pull down search part to search on your current census, instead of scrolling a huge list.

Using the App

Adding a New Patient

We explain how to add a new patient to your census. This is one of many ways this can be achieved.

Delete and Reordering Codes

You may remove codes by simply swiping to delete or tap, hold, and move to change the order.

Starting an Encounter

Starting an encounter is very simple. See how in this video.

Creating Favorite Codes

Using the App, we demonstrate how to create your lists of Favorite codes.

Filter by Hospital

How to filter your census by hospital.

Understanding Media and Notes

We detail in this video how to add media, face sheets, and notes to your patient records.

Marking an Open Encounter Seen

Here we describe how to Mark an Open Encounter as Seen.