Concept to Cloud

The Dr. Rounds® Concept

Dr. Rounds® is a Cloud based mobile-based App. It allows physicians and mid-level practitioners to maintain their patient list, capture their charges, and get paid accurately and expeditiously. It is as simple as that.

We aim to keep the usability intuitive and in keeps with how we, physicians, round and function when taking care of our patients.

Digging Deeper

Why Us?

What Dr. Rounds® brings to the table is the ability for information to be synced to our HIPAA compliant Cloud servers, where it is securely stored and propagated to your fellow group members. Our lead architect has an extensive background in security. He worked for both the United States Marine Corps and the United States Department of State in developing classified, mission critical enterprise systems. Our founding physician, still currently is active practice, helped develop one of the first online chat bulletins while in college.

Managing Patients

The Cloud does the work

You saw a new patient? Their demographics, CPT® codes, ICD codes, notes, face sheets, pictures, are all uploaded to our secure cloud. Once your colleagues resync, they receive all that information. The billers associated with your group also receive that data and can post charges as instantly as they get them.

Support for Office

How does my backend staff get me information?

Your backend staff can add a new patient within the WebApp portal. You will get a Push Notification indicating that there is new data to review.

Our goal

Realities of medicine in 2021 and beyond

We are doctors ourselves; we know what we face with the realities of shrinking reimbursements. .
Our goal is to provide you with an easy to use tool that allows you to collaborate with your fellow group members AND make you more money. In the age of shrinking reimbursements, we doctors need every single advantage to ensure we are paid for our hard work. And since time is money, we want to free up as much of it as we can so you can spend time with family.