Web App Video Help

Our videos are the best way we have found to learn the App's features. Please scroll down to find a topic you may want to learn more about. If you want to learn about the mobile app tap Go to App Videos below.

Using the Web App

Adding a Patient

Using the WebApp to Add a Patient to the Database and subsequently Adding a Hospitalization.

Searching for a Patient that doesn't exist

How to Search patients.

Searching Existing Patient

How to Search an existing patient.

Account Settings

How to modify the Accounts Settings including Subscription Selection, Payment, and Password Change.

Closing Out a Patient Record in Billing

We demonstrate how to Close a patient record out from the Billing queue delineating a Posted Claim.

Billing Overview

This clip reviews an overview of the Billing page.

Billing: Detail

This clip reviews the highlights of the Billing page.

Billing: Filtering

Understanding how the Billing filter works.

Billing: Exporting to Excel

We demonstrate how easy it is to download the Billing queue to Excel.


This clip reviews an overview of the Patient page.

Reporting Overview

This clip reviews an overview of the Reports page.

Reporting: Custom Reports

We demonstrate how to create a custom report.

Group Administration

User Management

Using Invite new users to your group through User Management.

Group favorite ICD and CPT codes

How to populate the Mobile App Users Favorite Lists with common ICD and CPT codes.

User Permissions

Designating permissions among your group members is demonstrated here.

Group Code Templates

How to create Group Templates that group ICD and CPT codes together.

Using the Web App

Group Administration